Dallas's ingesting and imbibing imperatives

Published On 12/28/2012 Published On 12/28/2012

In 2013, quit listening to your dietitian's take on "must eat", and head to the joints that our panel of experts feel absolutely compelled to hit in the coming year. Tiffany Derry, Private Social I want to try the trio of high profile spots that just opened -- FT33, Spoon Bar & Kitchen, and Stampede 66. Josh Valentine I have to go to NY and eat and drink my face off. Here locally I want to try Lucia, Driftwood. When I find some time that is. Chef DAT, Underground Chef The Establishment (coming soon)
, the Tasting menu at FT33
, snacks and margaritas at Stampede
 66, Geaux (coming soon). John Tesar, Spoon Sake and fish heads at Tei An, mussels and white burgundy at Boulevardier, and everything on the menu at Spoon. Jerry de la Riva, Terrace Bistro Restaurants: Stampede 66, The Grape, Boulevardier. Bars: Social House, The Porch, Veritas. Brian C. Luscher, The Grape Number one is Cafe Pacific, and... Luscher's Post Oak Red Hots, of course! Danyele McPherson, The Grape Driftwood, Tei-An, and my all-the-time favorites: Maple and Motor, Cane Rosso, AllGood Cafe, and Chuy's. Lisa Garza, Sissy's Southern Kitchen I have been dying to try Boulevardier, Zio Cecio, Woodshed and Driftwood. Patrick Russell, Max's Wine Dive FT33, Stampede 66, and Oxheart in Houston.



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