The 20 Best Dallas Instagram Accounts

What Dallas may lack in natural scenery, it more than makes up for with an incredibly attractive skyline and a decent number of incredibly attractive people. With that in mind, here are 23 Instagrammers who capture the best of what Dallas is all about:

1. @TheUrbanFabric

A blend of outdoor and urban photography, Justin Terveen’s Instagram will make want to go camping... in Downtown Dallas. 

2. @DallasisDallas

Our skyline is sexier than your skyline.

3. @Tommyesco

Stylized portraits of people who are much cooler than you.

4. @MattsonMattsonMattson

Keep a close eye on local artist Mattson Plummer’s Instagram. He hides his watercolor paintings throughout the city with photo clues for where to find them, scavenger-hunt-style.

5. @SamwiththeHair 

Sam Lao is equal parts rapper, fashion queen, and one of those attractive people alluded to earlier. 

6. @ChandlerParsons 

Because you don't want to live in a world where you don't know about Chandler Parsons' affinity for Chipotle.

7. @Nicolesslaw

You are going to want to eat all the things.

8. @NelsonTheGoldenDoodle

This pup is the coolest dog in Dallas, placing him high in the running for coolest dog worldwide. 

9. @TylersharpPhoto

For the little bit of rustic in all of us Texans.

10. @Temi.Coker

Its not flying. Its falling, with style!

11. @_Alexpelham

Chronicling a kid who appears to be the coolest two-year-old in the city. 

12. @RKDM_photos

As it turns out, Fort Worth is pretty Instagram-worthy as well. 

13. @Eddie_Fortuna

Eddie actually lives that urban life you never thought possible in Dallas. 

14. @KX0101

Karlo was at that concert last month. Which one? Every. Single. One.

15. @RicoStudios

Wherever Rico is, that's where you want to be. 

16. @Soberone

DJ, illustrator, and #signaddict, Sober’s feed is intoxicating.

17. @KimIkouture

This Dallas based fashion designer is... yeah, just follow her. 

18. @eightfour

Come on, will you EVER get tired of seeing our incredible skyline?

19. @Dallas_Foodie

 Warning: may cause hunger and jealousy.

20. @majjor_tom

White Rock Lake never looked more serene.

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