Tech it to the limit with the year's best

Published On 12/29/2011 Published On 12/29/2011 Built out in Big D, this downloadable program analyzes an enormous amount of data -- including your own -- to determine what, when, and where both businesses and casual users should post on the Internet...more

Ziosk: Dallas-based Table Top Media's launching a new way to order your food, pay your bill, and entertain yourself in restaurants...more

Locaii: Designed by a Dallas based physicist, Locaii's a location-based check-in app that goes beyond saying "I'm here" in that it actually encourages conversation amongst proximate users...more

Mansaver: From a crew of Dallas app designers, Mansaver is a stupid-simple way for scatterbrained (i.e., all) men to cure themselves of "O.F.I.R.D.S." (Often Forgetting Important Relational Dates Syndrome) by tipping them to all manner of crucial days she'll consider important...more

Key Ring App: A Dallas-based app-development team came up with a handy solution to fumbling through credit cards: scan the suckers into your smartphone, then pull the appropriate ones back up via an easy-access interface that can be read by cashiers' lasers...more