Stuff your face, <em>and your mind</em>

Remember the days when you and your friends would cap off a night of pounding infinite light beers by taking over a booth at IHOP and pounding infinite Rooty Tooties?

Yeah, last week was a really special time in your life.

This Friday, drink and flapjack at the same time, at Pancakes & Booze: a 6hr bash at Deep Ellum's Quixotic World where a mere $5 gets you all the griddled batter you can eat, making this the real Party of Lincoln. The event -- which originated in LA and's since landed everywhere from Minneapolis to the town of Phoenix -- will also feature a cash bar (booze!), works from 75+ local artists, and live music from Denton's DJ Space Chase (they have a song called "Take Me To Your Lazers", so you know they're good).

Need more inducement? Well, there'll also be live nekkid body painting -- and judging from this footage of the LA party, it'll be of women who haven't spent a lot of time stuffing their face with late-night breakfast.