Finally, a BYOB school with classes about boobs

The first schedule at School Class

Admit it: besides the doodles of the Stussy, and the Ninja Turtle, and the Wu-Tang, and the... Japanese Maple leaf?... your class schedule looked nothing like this. But thanks to the appropriately named School Class, it now totally can. An entirely-not-like-school, um, school, SC is a free-for-all house of learning where anyone can teach anything, so long as they have an idea of how to teach it. Oh, and it's free. Oh, and also BYOB. It all goes down in this rented room in a strip building next to the Kessler, with actual school desks and awesome subject matter that includes everything from the proper techniques to draw boobies (they're called "figures", now that you're older), to how to tell if Sarah Michelle Gellar's female (hint: LOOK AT HER). To help you make sure you're going to the boobs-drawing class and not Tort Law, we made a printable version of the Thrillist-curated schedule above.

Interior of School Class
School Class