Burgers, beers, and G.I. Joe

Dallas Event of the Week
The Main Street Arts Festival in Fort Worth will be filling Downtown with absurd amounts of delicious food, similarly delicious drinks, and (of course) art. Some of the best chefs in the area will be repping their respective restaurants, Bob Schneider will be playing the main stage, and there will be Chinese acrobats, PLUS craft beer aplenty to coax you into some ill-advised art purchases.

Thursday, April 10th: Not nearly as awkward as it sounds, Burgers 4 Babies is a venture started by Tim Love four years ago that's going strong. At the Woodshed Smokehouse there will be plenty of Napa Valley wine, plus a bunch of big-time DFW area chefs grilling up some winning burgers. The event also benefits the NICU Helping Hands Foundation of Fort Worth, whose goal is to develop hospital- and community-based projects that provide education and support to families of premature infants.

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Thursday, April 10th: Baby burgers not your thing? That’s ok, maybe Cory Morrow will work better. While he's taking the stage at The Rustic, you'll want to grab yourself some chorizo empanadas and a cold one, nab a spot at a picnic table, and prepare to do some two-stepping until you realize you housed those empanadas a little too quickly.

Friday, April 11th - Sunday, April 13th: Maybe you're really nostalgic for the toys of your childhood, maybe you're just really supportive of any organization bent on destroying snakes, or maybe you just really enjoyed the most recent episode of Community. No matter which it is, you should make your way to G.I. Joe Con. Go Joe!

Sunday, April 13th: Think you are a golfer? Think you are a "good" golfer? Well, it doesn’t matter, because at TopGolfyou're not really playing golf, which is why so many people love it, you know… because real golf is hard. You can enjoy this tournament with two hours of TopGolf, a few beers, and relatively few consequences for your horrendous slice.

Sunday, April 13th: Mad Men's final season (well final-ish, they're stretching it out over two years, but whatever) gets started Sunday, so hit the Twilite Lounge with $6 Bulleit Rye Old Fashioneds and Stoli and Tanqueray Martini’s for $5. The show starts at 9pm, and afterwards Ricki Derek will take the stage and keep the vibe going with some Sinatra. Get the details here