Crawfish boils and free Whataburger... FOR A YEAR!

Dallas Freebie of the Week
Whataburger will be opening their newest location in Fort Worth and they are bringing it in a big way from 5-7pm. There will be a gaming truck, 106.1 KISS FM will be sponsoring the event, and (this is a BIG "and") they will be doing a drawing for free Whataburger for a year. That’s right, for 52 straight weeks you could be chowing down on 100% free Whataburger. Bonus tip, they have jalapeño cheese biscuits now. You, my friend, are welcome.

Friday, April 18th: Billy Bob's is having a Crawfish Megaboil, with all-you-can-eat crawfish, live music, two-stepping, beer, and a forecast of 78 degrees and sunny. There’s not really a reason you shouldn’t be at Billy Bob’s for this. Nice try, guy with a shellfish allergy. You can still drink the beer!

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Thursday, April 17th: There aren't many things hotter than Game of Thrones right now, so here is your opportunity to cool down... with an Ommegang Game of Thrones Fire and Blood Beer Pint Night at Libertine Bar. Starting at 6pm, it’s also a keep-the-glass night, so you can relive all of your beer fantasies every Sunday while you watch (SPOILER ALERT!) every single character on the show die.

Saturday, April 19th: Not your run-of-the-mill 5K, the Hit and Run is a ridiculous obstacle course spread out over 3.1 miles full of climbing, dodging, ducking, jumping, and balancing. You might even forget that you're technically exercising.

Sunday, April 20th: Easter brunch buffets are fine, but this year, go ahead and skip the pineapple-glazed ham nonsense and hit up Max's Wine Dive for fried chicken and waffles (or anything else from Chef Patrick's tasty brunch menu). As an added bonus, you can grab a few discounted bottles on your way out to enjoy when you are risen (from your brunch coma).

Sunday, April 20th: Even though you'd probably be satisfied just getting the $15 bottomless mimosa bar and $3 Bloodys, tequila sunrises, and screwdrivers, Savour Tasting Room's Easter brunch has food that stands on its own legs (even if you can't for much longer): the prix fixe is full of options like Savour Mac and Cheese (pancetta, Spanish chorizo, panko breadcrumbs), and Savour Benedict with pulled pork (!) and herb-roasted potatoes.