Knife is finally open, but don't forget Fork & Cork

Dallas Event of the Week
Taste of Addison’s older, more mature brother with a 401k, "Fork & Cork", is making its debut this year (Friday and Saturday), and the lineup is deep on deliciousness. Big-time chefs (Marcus Samuelsson swings through Saturday), breweries, spirit makers, and wineries all converge to make sure you need every bit of that Sunday nap.

Thursday, May 15th: One of the most exciting and anticipated openings of the year, Knife, is finally ready to feed you. Brace yourself for tastiness like fried avocados, tempura onion rings, and aged steak that's older than you are. Okay not really, but 240 days is still impressive.
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Thursday, May 15th: Get ready to lose your voice Thursday night when Bruce In The USA, a Springsteen cover band, comes to rock The Arboretum. Try to position yourself up front -- maybe "Bruce" will pull you from the audience to dance on stage like Monica from Friends.

Friday, May 16th: Jimmy Eat World and Dallas’s own Air Review will be playing the Fort Worth Music Festival this weekend, as the air in Fort Worth will be filled with amazing music and the smell of Chuy’s and beer. Twenty bands are set to take over two stages on Friday and Saturday, and for a paltry $40 you can take it all in.

Saturday, May 17th: The Tasty Run (coinciding with Addison Fork & Cork) will take you through the streets of Addison Circle. You'll encounter three different tasting stations during the run. After you weave your way through the streets, there will be an after party with even more deliciousness waiting for you. You will basically come out even on the calories that you take in and burn, but that is no doubt a win.

All Weekend: The force will be strong with Dallas Comic Con, and if that Storm Trooper costume has been collecting dust for far too long, now's the time to let it shine again. Or buy a Storm Trooper costume. However you wanna play it!