Bummers that made Mile High wanna cry

Get ready to hit one of our 10,000 new breweries for some beer-tears, because there were some culinary disappointments this year. Here's what some of our top chefs were let down by in 2012.Justin Cucci, Chef/Owner, Linger and Root Down"That the words 'food p*rn' still exist and are actually used. Really? (Back me up, Seth & Amy.) Really? Can you jerk off to it? No? Ok, then it's not p*rn. Did you just c*me in your own mouth from the photo of brussels sprouts and nitrate-free bacon with some micro shiso and curry oil? Didn’t think so, then it's not p*rn. Are there any shots of the food doing ATM? No? Well, it's definitely not p*rn. Would you be ashamed when your mother walks in on you looking at food p*rn online? No? Well you should be, it's just f**king pictures of food, and if you call it 'food p*rn', you should be more than ashamed. I’d be mortified."Andy Brown, Beer Maestro, Wynkoop Brewing Company"I think the government agencies that regulate food and drink have a hard time keeping up with trends in artisan-produced beer and food. I see really great places, like Il Mondo Vecchio, forced to close. We experience huge delays getting beer labels approved by the TTB, and it took 9 months for them to approve a license for us to brew beer at Breckenridge."Troy Guard, Chef/Owner, TAG, TAG | RAW BAR, TAG Burger Bar"I was really disappointed when I head about Il Mondo Vecchio closing. They were cranking out some of the highest quality charcuterie I've ever seen, and so many restaurants in Denver were showcasing their products in dishes and on boards... it's just a huge loss for the city."Jeff Bolton, Executive Chef, Second Home Kitchen + Bar"The year isn’t over yet but I would have to say that if the world ends that would be the biggest disappointment for me. I still have more food to eat and more beer to drink."