Denver food & beer experts look into the future

Predicting what will go down in 2013 is nearly impossible, unless you're talking to Denver foodies, in which case it's reliably "delicious eats, into my stomach". We pressed them for more specifics, though.Paul C Reilly, Chef/Owner, Beast + Bottle"Tyler Wiard (of Elway's and Top Chef: Seattle fame) is given his own cooking show and will be allowed to speak his mind and swear at will."Hunter Pritchett, Executive Chef, Luca D'Italia"Leveling off of new restaurant openings, save a few. Hopefully not a lot of closings, but I know there is a whole crew of solid f**king cooks who have put their beats in for 10 years and would jump at a chance to take over an existing space and make it theirs."Andy Brown, Beer Maestro, Wynkoop Brewing Company"A brewery in every neighborhood and the resurgence of craft-brewed 'session' beers."Jorel Pierce, Chef de Cuisine, Euclid Hall"I'd like to see a lot more food and drink aimed at satisfaction and fulfillment. Less contrived and forced creativity. We as chefs can show people the difference. At the end of the day we are the ones that show people how and what to eat, and for that matter, what they like. Big responsibility, I know; let's avoid letting price tags and ingredient explanations f**k up our ideas."Justin Cucci, Chef/Owner, Linger and Root Down"I also predict that, in lieu of restaurants having interior designs that have the 'warehouse sham chic' and 'are you fauxing kidding me?' 'Factory' décor, with the super unique, corporate artisan Barn Wood Look and rugged-aged-right out-of-the-Z-gallery-2009-catalog-warehouse-lights and fake-ass-Prohibition-smooth-jazz-in-your-mouth light bulbs (you know, the ones with the orange filaments that just scream, 'I am the most full of sh*t light bulb you have ever seen'), that restaurateurs will find it much easier and convenient to just put their money directly into paper shredders. It will be a much more satisfying and honest business practice."

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