Your guide to celebrating 4/20 in Denver

Denver Event of the Week
In the past, the famous Civic Center Rally has been the go-to spot on 4/20 to light one up in the name of freedom. This year, you have two days to join the festivities and burn one down in broad daylight. The party starts Saturday from 9am-6pm, and picks back up Sunday morning. Wyclef Jean will be around to perform/get the munchies with you. More info here

Thursday, April 17th - Saturday, April 19th: Get your wake n' bake started extra early at the Mile High Festibowl -- a FREE, three-day celebration of... guess. There'll be 60 bands, and more than 25 different comedians out to take advantage of your enhanced state. Make sure to map out your travels, since the action is spread out over four different venues. Get the 411 on 420 here Continue Reading


Friday, April 18th - Sunday, April 20th: If you're tired of the old cliché of smoking to celebrate 4/20, then maybe you're ready to DRINK for it, instead. Here to help is the #YesWeCannabis Pubcrawl: three days of crawling through Denver while hitting your favorite bars, taking advantage of food and drink specials, and enjoying the celebration as you wander through the oddly relaxed masses. Three-day passes are only $10!

Sunday, April 20th: Though you probably won't find much of the fake grass that you're used to on Easter Sunday, Herman's Hideaway's 4:20 Easter Extravaganza will still make for a pretty sweet spot to spend your holiday. Kiss Army, Pop Star Homicide (a STP tribute band!), and more will rock your nostalgic socks off starting at 7pm. Grab tickets here

Sunday, April 20th: Rusko will be holding a bass-related town meeting in City Hall on Sunday, with opening speakers starting at 9pm. If you somehow end up in the mood for dubstep and bright, shiny lights on April 20th, you can get tickets right here.