Some fun to end the summah

The brainchild of the Fine Gentleman's Club (a hilarious quartet of Mile High comics), the 2nd annual Too Much Funstival boasts four days of music, comedy, and general zaniness aimed to make you "feel like a kid again, regardless of how old you are"... unless you're like, over 42, in which case, why are you even reading this email, you gross creeper

Events are spread across this great city, and highlights include

  • DJs and bands all four nights, with Pictureplane spinning, Total Ghost rockin' the City O' City parking lot, Wheelchair Sports Camp at The Marquis, and Dream Police/ Sparkler Bombs sets at Mouth House, aka where Shannon Sharpe was raised.
  • Funny jokes at Casselman's and Meadowlark, told by Mile High's Ben Roy & Adam Cayton-Holland, and out-of-towners who've been on Conan! Awesomely, Greg Baumhauer, who MC'd shows at the Squire, will also be in a dunk tank, shouting insults at anyone daring to get him wet.
  • Kickball, dodgeball, and free beer (... balls?) at Curtis Park on Saturday from 12-5p. Afterwards, it's back to Mouth House, where Noodles and Co provides the food you'll swiftly vomit up while enjoying a bounce castle and Slip 'n Slides.
  • Sunday's closing party, which features luchadores wrestling, the Funstival Trophy given to "whoever contributes to the fun the most", and music by Harpoontang*.

  • *Note for those over 42: Harpoontang isn't something you used to drink aboard your whaling ships as a "lad". It's just a cool band. Ughh

Photos by S Brasset Photography