Amy Schumer Will Heckle You Now

After killing it with her own Comedy Central special and a dominating performance on Charlie Sheen's roast, Amy Schumer's career is taking off faster than one of that disgraced actor's ex-wives (zing! Wait -- this is actually easy). To warm up for her run at Comedy Works next weekend, the up-and-comer traded a few barbs with us.

What sort of stuff can people expect to hear at your show next week?
It's mostly sex, and some racism... which is what I'm thinking about naming my [upcoming Comedy Central] special.
Do you like coming to Denver? Is it a nice town for you to visit?
I say I like coming everywhere, and I'm usually lying, but Denver's actually a town I love. You know, you get to choose where you record your album, and now I'm doing well enough I can choose where I want to perform. And Denver is at the very top of the list. I don't know why. I just f**king love it there.
Are there any bars or restaurants you like to go to when you're in town?
I have some friends who live there and they just take me. I don't remember where the hell I went. I just hang out in the club [Comedy Works]. It's just such a great club. I like hanging out around there, and everybody always has weed.
Right. Yes, we're good at that. So, you're on Adult Swim's awesome show Delocated. What's your favorite part of working on a TV show?
My favorite part of working on Delocated is the surrealness of filming a sex scene with a guy wearing a ski mask whose voice is altered.
Anyone who's seen the video of you shutting down a heckler that went viral knows you've got the skills to deal with drunk people. But let's see if you can handle some more serious stuff: “Hey Amy, I did not find track 5 off of your latest CD release to be very humorous.”
Well, that's fair. If my target demo ever becomes bloggers from Boulder, then I might need to kill myself.
Umm... this is an email newsletter, so shows what you know. Ok, here's another: “Why don't you get off stage and make me a sandwich?”
Well, I guess from the looks of you, you're vegan. And I don't cook for p*ssies.
You win. A lot of people probably know you from the roasts. Should they come to the show expecting you're going to rip the audience for an hour?
I don't rip into the audience ever unless I'm being heckled. It's very self-deprecating. And I just talk about sex and things. It gets kind of dirty. And there's no roasting... I'm a total sweetheart until someone f**ks with me. And then hold on to your f**king hats.