Mile High's nerdiest weekend ever

Billy Mitchell. Steve Wiebe. Two men that battled for years to be named the best Donkey Kong player in the world, got profiled in the amazingly, somehow-moving documentary The King of Kong, and are now bringing their beef (which Billy will likely cover in his signature hot sauce!) to Denver at 1up's Kong Off 2, one of the country's biggest competitive gaming events this year

In case -- like a master playing early levels of DK -- you have lives, and haven't seen the doc, here's the story: Weibe's the lovable, mild-mannered everyman, and Mitchell's the shady villain who wears American flag ties. When the tourney takes over LoDo's gaming mecca for one nerdy November weekend, though, they'll be joined by 14 other legit contenders, plus the new world-record holder, a (seriously) Harvard-educated plastic surgeon. Gawk as they vie for a new record/ $2k (Guinness Book-like gaming authority Twin Galaxies will have refs on hand), or actually (futilely) toss your hat into the ring at one of the two DK arcades reserved for Wild Card entries, aka anyone off the street who wants to pay $30 for the honor of getting pwnd by the best

It's free to attend everything, but since space will be limited, you should buy a VIP wristband now to guarantee yourself easy access in and out of the venue, just in case the line is somehow not-moving.