The nation's top artists, on skateboards

Artists and skateboarders have much in common, from a yearning for visual self-expression, to a yearning of their parents for them to go back to college like that nice Epstein boy (he's going to be a doctor, you know!). Now, they're taking another step closer together, at Bordo Bello

For one night only, artists both local (Jared Rippy, Jeremy Pruitt) and international (Johnny Cupcakes, Kronk) will be auctioning off 300+ skateboard decks showcasing their best at this event featuring skaters on an indoor ramp, and a Denver-developed interactive video game where your body's movements control a Pong-like paddle on the screen (take that, Silicon Valley developers of 1994!). Some of the decks include

The Royal Flush Series: Five art directors/ decimal point haters from The Integer Group have teamed up for this series based on the unbeatable poker hand, which includes completely hand-drawn designs from a "Jackielope Onassis" Jack to a zombified Ace, so yeah, they've got weirdness in spades

Pugnare Pro Tua Vita: Whoa. CSU grad & graphic designer Derrick V. Burton sees his deck as "a visual documentation of the torturous nature of panic attacks", and it means "Fight For Your Life" in Latin, which you'd already know had you put a lot more effort into your studies like Patty's son Steve (he's already married and has two kids now, by the way!)

Photo by Jessica Grenier Photography