No time? No cash? No problem!

Give three hours and 20 bucks, and they'll give you a new skill worth so much more (approx. actual value: $64). Just launching in Mile High, the site creates an online marketplace for skills you didn't know you needed, posting approved classes from local experts in categories like "Food & Drink" and "Fitness and Wellness", who presumably dedicate the first hour to "how to avoid's Food & Drink courses". Get super in depth (cursory) knowledge of things like:

Beer Appreciation: Taught by the head brewer of Santa Fe's Renegade (slogan: "Hangman is coming down from the gallows... just to enjoy our delicious beer!"), this class precedes a full-on beer tasting with a lecture on the magic drink's history and a guided taste of its raw ingredients to provide "a better understanding of the role" each plays.

How To Screen Print:What? This is dumb, just hit the button to the right of F12!! Oh, never mind. S Broadway artists mecca IndyInk will host a concert poster maker showing you how to prep your own artwork to be printed before providing tips on "burning the screen, reclaiming the screen" and creating a "one-color design".

Barefoot Running: The class Nike shoe executives don't want you to know exists, this'll school you in the "four simple rules of barefoot running", which include how to "strengthen your own feet", and apparently can be learned no problem in three hours if you bring "an open mind"... and, you know, that 20 bucks.