Denver Is No. 1 at These 11 Things. Suck It, Every Other City.

You already knew instinctively that Denver was a great place to live. People eat well, yet are remarkably fit, and everywhere you look you see something beautiful. But just to make it extra, extra clear that Denver beats anywhere else, here are 11 scientifically (or at least pseudo-scientifically!) supported ways in which the Mile High city tops more than just elevation rankings.

1. Best at being good tippers

A recent study from Square found that the average tip in Denver is 16.8%. Must be all the friendly service. 

2. Best engineering school

Okay fine, the Colorado School of Mines is actually out in Golden, but it beat MIT for best engineering school! And MIT is in Cambridge. And you know Boston takes credit for it. Denver: also great at taking credit!

3. Best music program 

So much education! CU Denver’s Music Business School is a killer program with an excellent mountain view. 

4. Best outdoor music venue

At this point, a Red Rocks mention is compulsory when discussing performance venues. Guinness might as well give it a world record for being so fantastic, but for now, Rolling Stone's opinion will have to suffice.

5. Best at employment opportunities

There've been some tough economic times of late, but Denver's weathered them better than most, recently ranking first in employment and earning opportunities. You should probably ask for a raise.

6. Best at losing Super Bowls... sometimes very badly

Mile Highers are still trying to deal with that last one, which put our Super Bowl losses at a total of five... but that wasn’t even the worst loss. The 49ers beat the Broncs 55-10 back in Super Bowl XXIV. But hey, Elway bounced back. Denver: most resilient city?

7. Best at kicking balls really far

Who doesn’t miss Prater? Since when is it taboo for a guy to get his ass kicked and then go on a little bender? 

8. Best at drinking craft beer

You already knew we were the best at making it, so it's no surprise that a higher percentage of Denver's population has had a craft beer in the last year than anywhere else.

9. Best at marijuana legalization

It's helping fund schools, so really, everyone's just doing it for the kids.

10. Best place to sell a house

Homes sell faster in Denver than in any other city. After all, who wouldn't want to live here.

11. Best at solar power

Helps that it's so rarely cloudy.

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