Meet your new favorite movies

To make the Denver Film Fest manageable, we've outlined the must-see flicks you've never heard of, using the Dre and Snoop method of describing each as "like that and like this and like that and uh". Passes to each listed film are included in the The Reel Package, which also gets you into after-parties with gratis booze, so feel free to steal the following notes to sound smart

Silver Linings PlaybookIt's:One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest meets That Chick From The Hunger Games meets Punch-Drunk LoveWhy: 
From the director of The Fighter, this dark comedy's got big names like Bobby DeNiro and Bradley Cooper, who stars as a dude with mental issues who meets an equally psychotic lady (aww!)

GrassrootsIt's:Bulworth meets That Monorail Episode of The SimpsonsWhy: 
Two slackers (one of whom is most definitely Jason Biggs) run for city council in Seattle on the sole issue of expanding that town's monorail in this "fact-based dramatic comedy". Stick around after the movie, because there's an after-party at the Bluebird sponsored by Rock the Vote

The Iran JobIt's:Bad News Bears meets Grainy Extremist VideosWhy: After a basketball player realizes he'll never make the NBA, he accepts an offer to play on an underachieving Iranian b-ball team, The Enriched Uraniums. Just kidding, they're called A.S. Shiraz

Kid-ThingIt's:Dennis The Menace meets Alice in Wonderland meets A Quirky, Low-Budget Movie Where Something Weird is Happening in the Woods
Why: Two bros outta Austin filmed this portrait of a tomboy in rural Texas filled with "absurdist comic moments", aka what you'll have if you show up to the Fest without memorizing everything you've just read

Photo by Jason Bye