13 Ways to Piss Off Your Denver Waiter or Waitress

Published On 02/24/2015 Published On 02/24/2015

People in restaurants can be the worst, and no one bears the brunt of it more than the servers. They say you can tell a lot about people by how they treat their waiter or waitress, so have people deduce only the best of things about your character and avoid these 13 ways Denverites are pissing off the good people bringing them food and drink:

1. Acting unimpressed or even audibly scoffing at the beer list

Odds are pretty strong that the server had absolutely zero say in what goes on the beer list. How about this? Don't be a beer snob and just pick something. Just because you aren't going to brag about it on Untappd doesn't mean you can't enjoy it like a normal human being.

Connor Green/Thrillist

2. Being all coy and awkward when asking where the nearest dispensary is

You don’t have to get on the table and shout your question either, but come on, it's legal and there's practically one on every corner at this point. Do you really have to get your server involved? Google exists.

3. Throwing a fit when a menu item has been removed

In case you haven't noticed, many a restaurant rotates menu options quite frequently these days. Odds are, if they made something you really loved before, they just might be capable of making something else you'd enjoy -- so expand your horizons and stop demanding something that's probably out of season anyway.

4. Giggling like a child when asking what "Rocky Mountain Oysters" are all about

They’re balls! Okay, it's a little funny. But still, get it together. 

5. Vaping on a patio

Know the laws... of not being a complete tool.

6. Flipping out when patio seating is on a two-hour wait

Oh, you figured you were the only one who thought of soaking up a little Vitamin D on a sunny Saturday afternoon? Patience is a virtue. 

Connor Green/Thrillist

7. Not removing all your crap from the table when the food arrives

Your bike lock keys, bike lock, American Spirits, sun glasses, phone, wallet, purse, e-cigs, vape pens, and whatever else fits in your messenger bag can remain in your messenger bag.

8. Eating like an animal after you ran a 5K, half marathon, pirate-themed-run, or whatever

Congratulations, you exercised. It's not an excuse to make like Belushi in the Faber cafeteria. 

Connor Green/Thrillist

9. Overdoing it during brunch

Enjoy those bottomless mimosas responsibly. Getting thrown out of an establishment at 1pm is not a good look. 

10. Leaving your sunglasses on indoors because you're "so hungover"

You're being rude. Also, your server is probably hungover too, but he's managing.

Connor Green/Thrillist

11. Trying to smuggle outside beer into the restaurant

However you managed to avoid law enforcement for the last eight blocks, kudos. But that stops at the door.

12. Splitting the bill 37 ways

Especially if you try this move after the bill's already been delivered. A little planning ahead goes a long way.

13. Tipping in change

Save the weird pennies that have been accumulating in your pockets for Coinstar. The weed in your pockets? That might be negotiable, depending on your server.

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