Today's the first 3rd Thursday of the month. Here's where to spend it.

Bringing together 25 galleries and shops in the Detroit area, 3rd Thursday is a monthly event designed to promote the arts, showcase hard-to-access venues, and keep you entertained until the start of LJ's karaoke. There are tons of awesome places participating and staying open way later than usual, including Hugh, Library Street Collective, and the House of Art. Here's your definitive preview of one of the awesomest: Signal Return, an Eastern Market infant you absolutely have to hit first

Signal, which's been pumping out prints on Division Street since last year, will peel back the curtains on their operation on 3rd Thursdays and showcase pretty much every printing discipline, from letterpress cards to stationery

With tons of in-studio typeset options, letterpress-ing is as easy as ABC, or in this case, backwards SSRRRQP

Oh, and if you're looking for something a little more gaudy, they've got that too

Megan will school the masses using machinery from the original Cass Tech

Wanna look as cool as Megan, but don't have a mustard-colored sweater? Well, do as the sign says, and instead enroll in one of their upcoming classes. You can learn the trade and -- if you take two classes -- enroll in open studio hours to print anything your newly skilled heart desires

Classes include Advanced Business Cards, a three-and-a-half-hour session designed to provide not only basic letterpress skills, but also 20 business cards that'll look cool enough to distract people from your job title (Assistant Fluffer!)

Just look at that subtle off-white coloring. The tasteful thickness. The... wooden box container

No Signal Return, knaht uoy.