Your Detroit 4th of July weekend guide

Detroit America's out of the World Cup, which means she needs you more than ever right now. Which means you need to go watch pretty things explode in the sky this 4th of July weekend, and consume irresponsible amounts of pork. Event of the Week
Detroit's always a little over-eager when it comes to fireworks (the biggest show already happened Monday). But if you're still itching to see stuff blow up in the sky, then the Birmingham Fireworks have you covered, as they'll be taking place at the Lincoln Hills Golf Course on Thursday, July 3rd.

Friday, July 4th: So you won’t find any fireworks Downtown, but there’re plenty of places to see a show in the burbs, and you can see a pretty extensive list right here. Spots include  Huntington Woods, Wyandotte, Hazel Park, Gibralter, and don’t forget about the Salute to America at Greenfield Village, too.

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Friday, July 4th: Normally, a regular season Tigers game isn’t something that would be included here, but this one is special. It’s America’s birthday, and it’s America’s pastime, and it’s the Tigers. Doesn’t get much better than that. Get your tickets here

Friday, July 4th: Bleu Detroit is hosting a bash dubbed, quite appropriately, The Independence Day Party. If you can’t make the 4th, you’ll have a chance to party again at their Independence Hangover Party on the 5th. If you made it on the 4th, all the more reason to go!

Friday, July 4th: Nancy Whiskey is throwing down with their annual 4th of July Pig Roast. There will be a full bar inside and out, and plenty of food. Like a giant roast pig, for example.

Saturday, July 5th: The 4th of July isn’t a one-day event. The party continues with the USA Today Fireworks Special in Hamtramck. Eva aka EvaSoul will be providing the tunes.