The 23 Best Detroit Instagram Accounts

Ahhh Detroit. Certainly such a photogenic city full of interesting weirdos would have to yield a number of Instagram accounts to keep you inspired and/or distracted, and it most certainly delivers.

First, let’s get this out of the way: some of these accounts feature "ruin porn." Detroit has at least 40,000 abandoned structures. It’s kind of a thing. However, clearly there is much more to the city than documenting its troubles, and we’ve searched up and down for the best accounts offering a wide range of vistas. From architecture to athletes, we've got your Instagram feed covered. 


Former Miss Exotic World and traveling showgirl, Roxi Dlite, is based in Windsor and has been making Detroit blush for years. Check out her scantily clad shenanigans and be proud she chooses to hang her tassels here.


Faisal is a server at the beloved Lafayette Coney Island, where he’s known for balancing around 20 coney dogs on his arms and making friends, young and old. He also occasionally visits the Great Pyramids in Egypt while donning Detroit attire, which is inarguably awesome. He’s an ambassador for our city’s favorite food, which makes him worth the space in your feed.

Most of photographer Joe Gall’s photos are Detroit-centric, with a few epic escapes around the nation. There’s plenty of gorgeous and mysterious shots of people doing very fun things, and some fine-looking tushes as well. Overall, a visual joy.


One of Detroit’s most interesting buildings – infinitely creepy and majestic. The Masonic Temple is the largest of its kind in the world, and has played host over the years to a number of legendary concerts and events. There’s something for everyone here, from history buffs to hipsters.


Whether you love or hate “ruin porn,” it’s hard to deny the artistic eye of these two IGers. The often moody and mysterious photos center around the city’s ghost town image.


One of Detroit’s most prized institutions posts images from around the city and within the fortress of preservation itself. You just might learn a few things, and perusing through this feed can make up for all the time you spend burning brain cells elsewhere.


This account functions as a joyride through the city, with special attention placed on the more beautiful forms of graffiti and street art -- which are multiplying by the second. 


The art in this gallery is consistently beautiful and this feed captures the essence well. If you’re someone who balks at the thought of art openings for fear you wouldn’t be able to choose the right color for the evening from your vast collection of berets, peruse the feed from the comfort of your couch instead.


Steve Neavling’s investigative journalism in image form. There’s solid shots of both the desolation and flourish that make this city the anomaly it is.


Possibly the Motor City’s biggest group of cheerleaders on Instagram. This is where you go if you don’t want to be reminded about the abandoned buildings.


Documenting the progress and change in one of the city’s most historic 'hoods.


More street art!


13. @1xrun

This international printing company ships unique works of art all over the world. Check it out to see what this local company is up to.


This group of music preservationists is dedicated to honoring the past, present, and future of Detroit sounds.  


Yep, we’re all about the Eastern Market love. Hey -- it’s the largest historic public market in the country and we’re proud of it. The Instagram feed illustrates well the cultural cross-section of the year-round market and all the goods and goodies for sale.


The city – including its perils and splendor – as seen by Detroit Fire Department’s Engine 30.


From pitching no-hitters to floating through the waters of Venice on a gondola with Kate Upton, it’s safe to say most of us would like to be Justin Verlander for a day. Or at least voyeur into his life. 


An all-ecompassing account with vibrant photos and minimal ruin porn. There’s the usual suspects: pictures of the Guardian Building, Michigan Central, etc. But his eye is certainly unique and represents all things Detroit. 


This festival draws flamboyantly dressed party seekers from all over the globe. The Instagram account keeps you updated on the festival, its slew of international and local artists, and goings-on in the Detroit electronic music community.


Beautifully captured photos of the city and beyond, with a focus on symmetry.


Not a Coney left ungarnished, nor a shawarma left unsavored, Chow Down Detroit celebrates culinary innovation, ethnic variety, and delicious gluttony all across the Metro region.


Ever wonder what Red Wing Pavel Datsyuk does when he’s not shredding the ice in honor of Mother Russia? Follow his Instagram for snaps of the alternate captain modeling his clothing line, catching salmon, skiing, and being an all-around badass.


Nurturing Detroit's metal, hardcore, and punk scenes for many years, Black Iris' account is anything but boring, and serves as an invitation to Detroit's best shows -- guaranteed to make your ears bleed black blood of sonic-joy.

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