A whole new kind of night light

Take Paris's reputation as the City of Light, combine it with Detroit's former moniker as the Paris of the Midwest, take a bunch of acid, and then DLECTRICITY totally makes sense. A "nighttime, contemporary light art festival" it's taking over & tricking out Midtown this weekend with luminescent displays from light artists imported from all over the globe, including works like

Knowledge Is Power: The team behind stage designs at Movement are transforming the Detroit Public Library into a 3D animated "dimensional cinema" show that's set to live music and tells "the human story of knowledge", from the Internet all the way back to cave paintings, when their cat mishaps were just depicted by rudimentary scribbles

Community Beacons: Put your college drum circle to shame (just kidding, those people are already living in it) with these "user-powered light and sound instruments that light up when played"

Whale: It seems only fitting that this video animation of a nearly life-size humpback is projected on the recently funded whale of an undertaking that is the Michigan Science Center. Even for those not into pre-show drugs, it's more than worth dropping... by

Whale photo by Marianne Boeksy Gallery