Art for purchase, drinks for free

Art's meant to evoke emotion, be it joy, sadness, or "hey, wasn't this building a rave where I used to dance to Vengaboys in the '90s?!". In that sense (and probably others), there're some truly effective pieces at the new Red Bull House of Art, which's holding its opening party (with free drinks) tomorrow.So yeah, the gallery was formerly a rave venue (and before that a brewery... and before that a Prohibition stash spot...), but it's since replaced the glowsticks with something even more visually appealing: works from eight local artists who just completed a 10-week, in-studio residency. Walk out with cheap, local showstoppers from visionaries like: DelVona Johnson: She painted hundreds of 8x8 portraits after having people submit photos to her "Faces of Detroit" Facebook page. She'll probably do spraypaint art next, with all the tagging she now has to do.Allison Vince: After buying enough mascara, eye pencils (like eye pens you can erase!) & concealer to leave KISS in un-concealer-streaked tears, Vince used the make-up to ghoulishly reinterpret photos from vintage Vogue magazines.Kobie Solomon: Want to purchase Solomon's iconic Chimera Project mural that covers an entire wall of the Russell Industrial Center? Get in line. Want to purchase his mixed media pieces that utilize anything from charcoal to metal & will actually fit in your apartment/house? See you tomorrow. Hope you like, you like to party.