Celebrate this creative warehouse by dancing to creative house

Detroit's long been a DIY-minded place, home to history-changing inventions like the automobile, the traffic light to clear up the congestion it created, and the Coney Dog, to clog things up worse than ever. Now, it's taking things a step further with Ponyride, a 30,000sqft warehouse that's leasing "studio space to artists and entrepreneurs who engage the citizens of Detroit in their creative practices", and -- just as importantly -- holding a rad dance fundraiser tomorrow night. For just $10, you can support the effort by drinking all their gratis PBR, Short's lager & wine and standing next to the speaker to better hog the sounds of DJs Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr & Q Spin, then hit 'em up any other day to take advantage of:Stukenborg Letterpress Studio: Doing traditional letterpress work using seriously nontraditional methods (printing with dice, for instance) Bryan Christopher Baker's work is all over town, showing up on everything from menus, to the New York Times Magazines...that are sold in town. Now, he's holding regular workshops covering either the basics, or letting you print with whatever objects you like in a previous course called "Alternatives to Type", so expect Mavis Beacon to wildly protest this class via a flawless letter composed without straying from the home row.RunJit Detroit: There's no better way to carry on a hip-hop dance style that started in Detroit than with classes in the main floor studio taught by a dude named Jitting Jesus, so you really have no reason not to rise to the occasion.