Finally, ping pong not in Mom & Dad's basement

The downtown Woodward stretch now has even more bounce thanks to this just-opened "table tennis social club": part ping pongery, part performance area and lounge, it's open to all & feels like the rec room of the most family-friendly bordello ever

The space's original metal beams hold up the building, while black and white leather loungers hold up the you

Get served on one of the eight Olympic-quality tables, even if your skill level is very below Olympic-quality

This guy is literally always there. Ping Pong Pete, they call him. You can stop in for a casual game, register to be in one of the weekly tournaments, or rent the whole space out for an event (plus Pete, obviously)

This entire wall is dedicated to The Thinker, which looks more like The Creeper

A membership pass nabs unlimited table access, six guest passes, and a self-drawn paddle design hung on the wall, so work on that penmanship/having money

They're waiting on liquor license approval, but have some "beer pong" events planned that'll pair local breweries' (Motor City Brewing Works and the soon-to-be-opened Batch Brewery) latest creations with ping pong nights, 100% guaranteed to provide the spins.