Taps, tapas, and movies too

Despite the fact that you Totally Recall getting to originally see the three-boobed girl's nips, remakes are all the rage these days, so it makes sense that the Maple Theater has redone itself, too. After dropping "Art" from its name (two for Vamps, please!), they've pumped in $1.5 million to renovate a set-up which now includes

Great Lakes Coffee Bar: Grab a beaning on par with their Midtown offerings: pour-overs and espresso to wash down baked goods in what looks like a weathered Detroit house, complete with a two-sided fireplace, vintage cameras & projectors, and a separate entrance they'll open at 6a, or if you're a senior citizen, "just in time for a late screening"

Maple Bar: Ensure that even movies without Oscar talk get some buzz via this full bar (wine, 12 taps with a local focus, and classic 'tails) dressed up with drapes and chandelier strands. They'll also serve "American Tapas" like pretzel-crusted chicken fingers, tabouli with edamame hummus, and apple chicken pigs in a blanket, so go ahead and impress your Babe

The Theater Itself: There's now 700 plush, leather seats fanned out in front of brand-new screens, plus Club spots for an extra charge, which provide leg room even with the servers roaming the aisles to take orders. And true ballers can be one of 50 Maple Club VIPs, who get perks like first dibs on seats, eligibility to curate choices for their "Secret Cinema", and completely free screenings & concessions, aka what the new Total Recall director apparently had to make to certain censors by covering up those three glorious teats.