A party on Belle Isle with one of the Big Four

Orion Festival main stage

Coming on the heels of another event with tons of cars and enough super-loud metal to make you tone deaf (the Grand Prix!) is the Orion Music and More Festival: a two-day-long music & film festival-cum-car show-cum-all-around awesome time organized by Metallica, who're bringing along friends like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rise Against. Also: we've got a bunch of free tickets, but first, here's what to expect...

James Hetfield's West Coast Chopper

For those who get dizzy watching cars zoom around the Isle, fear not: the auto show at Orion will be display only, including gems like James Hetfield's '53 Buick Skylark ("Skyscraper"), '36 Ford Custom ("Iron Fist"), and the pictured custom West Coast Chopper.

Zombie at Kirk's Crypt

AHHHHHHH! This is Kirk's Crypt, a hand(s)-on experience designed as a stroll through some seriously scary s#!t ranging from props & monsters of past horror classics and the chance to get zombiefied by an FX legend, to Hammett's Haunt, "an eerie and mysterious chamber where your most terrifying nightmares come real", aka Real Housewives of Orange County: Vicki's New "Face" Edition.

Steve Caballero skateboarding

Hit up the Vans Damage Stage and Vert Ramp to check out live skateboarding demos from legends like Steve Caballero, Tony Trujillo, and Christian Hosoi on a 30ft pipe.

Mercury burger

Since all of that (standing around and watching) skateboarding works up a serious appetite, head over to the Feed 'Em All food court for Phil Cooley-curated local picks like smoked kielbasa sandwiches and pierogies from Srodek's Polish Deli, venison/short rib cheesesteak sandwiches from Guns & Butter, and burgers from Corktown's Mercury Bar... all of which are free (along with the drinks and entire two-day festival) for VIP pass-holders... annnd we're giving away a pair, in addition to tons of general admission passes.

Metallica at Orion

Have we talked about the fact that there's an entire music festival going on to distract from all of the eating, drinking, oohing, ahhing, and AHHHHing (Kirk's Crypt is no joke, man)? The acts make up a pretty broad selection of genres, with everyone from headliners Metallica and RHCP to Bassnectar, Foals, Dropkick Murphys, Death Grips, and Dillon Francis -- definitely enough for everyone, although Thrillist only has tickets for 20, plus a pair of VIP passes.