24 Things Michigan Does Better Than Anywhere Else

"If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you." So goes the state motto. Although that pleasantness may not always be readily apparent -- like when you’re shoveling snow of polar vortex proportions or when economists say your state’s largest city "no longer has any reason to be" -- you know that there’s no better place than Michigan for stuff like this:

1. Showing people where we live

A geographical given. And because when Florida tries it, it’s extremely NSFW. Or just about anywhere else.

2. Being cool with Canada

I mean, everyone’s pretty tight with Canada, but we’re like hold-your-hair-back-at-the-bar tight.

Coney Michigan Does Better DET
Jeff Waraniak

3. Coney dogs

Everywhere, all the time.

4. Fruit

Traverse City = cherries. Everywhere else = apples. The future = saskatoons?

5. Lakes

Oceans have things that will eat you, and despite there being many a fat Michigander, they’re generally not known to eat people.

6. Boats/boating

Fact: We rank third in state boat registrations, but first in style.

7. Snowmobiling

Fact #2: We also rank third in state snowmobile registrations. But again, we do it best.

8. Cars

You’re right, it’s not at all like it once was. Still, car culture thrives here, especially come Dream Cruise time.

9. Rivalries

Michigan vs. Ohio State; Wings vs. Avalanche (circa late ‘90s/early ‘00s); Lions vs. Rest of NFL; Pistons vs. Bulls (maybe again someday?); Detroit vs. Everybody. We like the stakes to be high.

10. Booze

Beer, whiskey, wine -- you name it. If it contains alcohol, Michigan makes it and makes it well.

11. Pop

Not soda (see Faygo and Vernors).

12. Hidden gems

There are plenty of beaches and beach towns tucked all over the state, and Isle Royale is one of the least visited National Parks in the country. Don't tell anyone.

13. Bankruptcy

At least when we lose, we lose big. Like, the biggest city ever to file for bankruptcy.

14. Industrial decay

Probably not something to revel in, but look, it’s there and you have to admit that the hard march of time and the weight of a city’s troubles over decades have made Detroit’s ruins, at the very least, interesting to look at.

15. Fudge

Who has ever gone to Mackinac and said, "no, I don’t want fudge"?

16. Euchre

No, that jack of clubs is a spade because the trump... look, we don't have time to explain it okay, it's 8-8 right now!

17. Lighthouses/shipwrecks

We’ve got a lot of both, which is ironic.

18. Deer

Just watch out for them on the highway.

19. Up North

Where it begins, exactly, no one knows.

20. Cereal

Battle Creek -- home to Kellogg’s and "Cereal City".

21. Superstore shopping centers

Walmart’s got nothing on Meijer.

22. Building roads

In fact, we’re so good at it, we have to rebuild them every year.

23. Music

Motown. Techno. Rock. Blues. Rap. Something for everyone.

24. The seasons

Blink and you’ll miss Spring. Die and you still won’t miss Winter. But it’s worth sticking around and keeping your eyes peeled, because Michigan is beautiful all year round.

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