Get schooled on the commonly confused

Confusing two similar things can lead to embarrassing predicaments, like using your dinner fork during the salad course of a formal meal, or spending an entire disappointing summer miserably 69ing with Ryan Adams. Clearing up all such confusions: Difference Between.

From a pair of Canadian engineer school grads initially hellbent on unearthing the difference between Diet Coke and Coke Zero, DB's loaded with research highlighting the disparities between oft-confused entities, all broken down into categories like Food, Nature, and Internet, though everybody knows that's just a series of tubes. Some eye-openers:

Kush vs Haze: The Afghani kush strain is short and bushy with hints of grape, while CA-born haze has a flavor often described as sweet and sour and grows to about 20ft -- it's a good thing drug dealing's such a lucrative enterprise, or else dealers couldn't afford their awesomely high-ceilinged apartments.

White vs Caucasian: "The Caucasian race consists of North Africans, Arabs, Whites, Somalians, some people in India and Ethiopians. On the other hand, Whites are mostly people who belong to Europe", which at this point is just one very bored roadie.

Alimony vs Spousal Support: "Alimony and spousal support are one and the same", which raises the question of why the two were even included, but hey, if they paid more attention to stuff maybe they wouldn't have been divorced in the first place.

In the event you're curious about something not yet listed on the site, they do entertain requests, though if you're at an Adams' show be sure you know which one it is, or else you'll be the one saying Please Forgive Me.