Earth Pipes

The popularity of found objects & materials has many positive benefits, though if we over-harvest, our countryside might lose its ability to get barnwood. Practicing creative reclamation so that you can get "creative": Earth Pipes.Following in the grand tradition of herb-apparatus resourcefulness, EP is a found-materials piece-fabrication biz run by a guy who quit his pizza-shop day job after a "eureka!" moment involving crafting a pipe out of a cool-looking rock -- so if you're thinking career change, just get stoned instead. Some choice wares:Screw Pipes: The most basic model, these sea shell-based pipes come in two spiraling sizes (3.5 or 4.75in) with the wide opening screened off as a bowl and the spiral end tapering into a mouthpiece -- an elegantly simple way to get, double Screwfaced! Green Wave: Made from shorter, shiny, deep-blue shells whose black swirls "look like waves", these carbed guys have attached oven-fired shafts made from bamboo, everyone's favorite Roundtree.Cow Horn Water Pipe: With a base of either wood or agate, these 6-or-10in bubblers are made from actual longhorns, meaning you should name yours "Ricky", "Ramonce", or (even though there's no proof) "Stoney Clark". If you've found a rock/shell/meteorite that is too cool not to put to a higher purpose, the EP dude also does custom jobs, though getting too personally attached to your piece means that, at least four nights a week, the found object will be you.