Entertaining takes on baseball legends from a lady who loves diamonds

Published On 03/31/2011 Published On 03/31/2011

Finding a woman who's into sports is awesome, because aside from looking hot in your throwback jersey, she's less likely to ask distracting game-time questions, or make endless comments about A-Rod's backside, which admittedly was sculpted by angels whose chisels're made of unicorn horns. From a chick who's about as sports-awesome as they come: Every Hall of Famer.

A moon-shot of a baseball blog seeking to eventually illustrate every Hall of Fame inductee using elegantly simple info-packed pen 'n ink drawings, Famer is the loving labor of an Austin, TX chick who used softball as a gateway into baseball fandom, resulting in membership in a couple fantasy leagues, where she presumably drafted Priest Holmes first overall, even though they're not for football. Illustrations include each ball legend and his notable stats plus wry additions, like Ty Cobb with a pie graph denoting baseball as 100% of his life, a Babe Ruth jam that calls him out as "The Babe Ruth of Baseball", and Cy Young beside a kids-these-days, circa-1948 quote regarding players making thousands simply because they "spit straight", proving pig roasting is far more lucrative than you thought. Not leaving anyone out, Famer also includes obscure (and arguably more interesting) old timers like 1800s' "Big" Ed Delahanty who either jumped or fell into Niagara Falls after threatening train passengers with a razor; catcher Wilbert Robinson, who once attempted to catch a baseball dropped out of a plane from 525ft; or the alleged inventor of the curveball, "Candy" Cummings, who also killed it in adult film talkies produced by Necco Wafers.

Famer's updated with a new player every day, and the artist is currently researching ways to sell her work online, which you should totally buy for your sports-loving girlfriend, or risk looking like A (Nim) Rod.



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