Grub and music, together at last

Every man has his own obsession, unless, of course, he's more of an Abercrombie Woods kind of guy. For a blog that fuses one man's twin obsessions, check out Food is the New Rock. Just launched, FITNR's a blog that obsessively tracks links between music and grub, started by the Culver City founder of Midtown Lunch, who, before his blog blew up, used to work in radio, which surely wasn't a great gig, as one would imagine all sorts of issues just entering the body of mentally challenged Cuba Gooding, Jr. Dude meticulously trolls the information superhighway for foodie music references, with recent posts including everything from an interview quote from Wolfgang Puck ("music and food go hand in hand -- they both nourish the soul") to a playlist from a random day at Waterloo & City, to a Bobby Flay tweet where he claims he'll soon be "bumping to Minaj" -- so...yup, he's white! As far as musicians referencing grub, he's got ?uestlove waxing poetic on Twitter about an El Paso taco joint named Ticos, a food-featuring Matt & Kim video, and even quotes from songs, like the bluegrassy Old Crow Medicine Show's claim, "every time I kiss you girl, it tastes like pork & beans", though that's kind of what Old Crow Medicine Show deserves for exclusively making out with Carnie Wilson. Eventually, FITNR's hoping to conduct original interviews with musicians themselves, focusing on everything from where they eat on the road, to their tips for home-cookin' --presumably they'll start with the basics, like how to heat up some very Coolwater.