Excellence from another era

Mention the '80s and '90s in the Hamptons, and all most people can think is "why can't they make bills in those denominations for times when I don't want to carry hundreds?" Well, no longer, thanks to the Eastern iteration of Tribeca's favorite party spot/time machine: Canal Room.Just opened in the site of Southampton's Old Polish Hall, this wide-open 7500sqft concert crib is ready to supplement the typical whitewashed weekend scene with something a little more acid-washed: a Summer lineup including '80s tributaries Rubix Kube, '90s aficionados The Bayside Tigers, and Springsteen soldiers Tramps Like Us. Because you'll need a drink after being reminded of how you actually dressed for 10-20yrs of your life, the steeple-ceiling'd dance hall's bar will be mixing up decade-appropriate, cheese-appropriate cocktails like the coconut rum/orange/cranberry Fresh Prince, and the vanilla vodka/lime/pineapple Vanilla Icey.And -- for when you remember that you can't dance and spent all those years avoiding girls at all costs -- there's also a lower-level game room stocked with shuffleboard, darts, pool, and arcades (Big Buck Hunter, virtual bowling, etc), so hopefully the quarter machine can change a hundred.