Air Combat Ace

Making laser tag an adult game is nearly impossible, unless all the kids are naked! Going adult more tastefully: Air Combat Ace. Started by retired a Air Force Vet who missed the adrenaline of being shot at, ACA's cobbled together nearly a dozen professional fighter pilots willing to put guests in the cockpit of actual planes outfitted with custom laser targeting systems and lead 'em through evasive combat tactics, which they'll desperately need upon returning home from Vegas to their girlfriends. A limo'll drive you to the facility, where a 50min "fighter pilot" brief on basic maneuvering & equipment fitting's all you'll need before hopping in a carbon-fiber Extra 330LC, capable of traveling over 200mph and equipped with line-of-site transmitters, a gun reticule, and a smoke system that triggers when you're hit, though generally speaking, if your hits have created a smoke system you probably shouldn't be flying a plane, bro. By your side'll be your trusty instructor/ wingman, who'll teach you the art of dogfighting, high-g maneuvering, and low level formations, while also walking you through five plane-to-plane mid-air "engagements", fitting, as proposals generally are better if you aren't flying by the seat of your pants.Each plane's mounted with four cameras to capture the action, and the day's topped off with a trip back to the Squadron Bar, a restored airplane hangar where the booze and apps'll flow between games of darts and pool, another place those pervy kids should keep their suits on!