The Mystery Trip

They say that life is just one big Mystery, which kind of sucks, especially considering VH1 canceled that dude's show, like, three years ago. For a mystery that won't try to bang your girlfriend while performing magic tricks, check out The Mystery Trip.Making itself available to the public for the very first time April 9th, The Mystery Trip's a BYOB- encouraged, all-inclusive, one-day extravaganza of insane what's-coming-next action, run by a guy who started out by throwing I-ain't-telling-you-what-we're-doing parties for his boys and then started doing it corporate-style thanks to a grant from a non-profit called The Awesome Foundation, aka whoever makes Pam Anderson's makeup. Obviously what you'll actually do is a secret, but just know you'll have a bunch of different stops and travel by bus; past adventures've taken crews to sumo wrestling bouts and demolition derbies, with hints on this one including getting into an LA landmark usually closed to the public and a nostalgia-filled activity that involves small balls... so enjoy that Meet 'n Greet with Roger Clemens. Once you're signed up, you'll also get a list of things to bring, some of which're hints, and some of which're red herrings, so make sure you've got a $2 bill, a piece of fruit, and your least favorite DVD, which may not end up making the trip home with you -- you will be missed, Fool's Gold!For the inaugural trip, they're offering 25% off at the click below, and they're still available to do private events, though how you'll get together enough friends for one of those is yet another one of life's great mysteries.