10 Reasons to Get Excited About Thrillist Honolulu

Shutterstock/Jennifer Bui

"Hey Honolulu, we're here!" When a tourist says that, they're probably about to make a joke about getting lei'd, but when Thrillist Honolulu says it, we're about to hook you up with the best food, booze, and entertainment on Oahu. And then maybe make a joke about getting lei'd, which, along with these 10 things, you should totally be excited about...

1. We cover all the best stuff

Every week Thrillist is helping you to a hearty helping of the best things to eat, drink, and do in Honolulu.

2. It's free

All this Thrillist goodness is sent to your email inbox at no cost. However, if you sign­ up right now then... um, it's still totally free.

3. We know Turtle from North Shore...

Or maybe we just know a guy who's uncle is supposedly the shaper who inspired the character. But still!

4. ... And that there's more to Hawaiian food than Spam

That said, we'll probably be bringing you a list of Oahu's best musubi shortly. 

5. We're launching a campaign to make Tom Selleck's mustache an official state treasure

Just kidding! But wouldn't that be great?! 

6. We promise we'll never even say Five-­O

Unless you ask us approximately how many shave ices we plan on eating this summer.

7. No one around here will judge you for posting the occasional beach selfie...

We'll just be terribly jealous. 

8. ... or for eating too much loco moco

How could we, have you seen our Instagram

9. Thrillist looks SO sweet on your phone

Seriously, the Thrillist app is no joke, so before you bite the photo of the burrito on your screen, just click on it and we’ll bring you to where it is instead. 

10. We're gonna show people the "real" Honolulu

And we can't wait to get started... we've just gotta go get lei'd first. Told you!

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