32 things people in Houston love

Sure, Houstonians have 99 problems, but we also have a lot to love. Like the 28ft tall "We <3 Houston" sign that we take seriously dangerous Instagram selfies with while driving erratically on I-10. Also, these 32 other things:

1. Rodeo Season

A month of mutton bustin', two-steppin', and fried-everything-on-a-stick is well worth the Monday through Friday hangover.

2. Volunteering during Rodeo Season

... and not admitting it's because you like the power. This year youre working The Hideout. Score!

3. Margaritas, Micheladas and Bloody Marias

Double the amount of love if it includes a jalapeño-infusion.

4. Looking at other cities' weather reports from October through May

And/or laughing at the Facebook statuses of any and all friends who don't live in the South.

5. Pho

All Vietnamese food, but especially pho. Traditional pho. Crawfish pho. Matzo ball pho. When the rest of the world was going crazy for ramen, we were just going pho-cking crazy.

6. ... and tacos

Every hour of every day.

7. Saying y'all

Y'all don't even try it with "you guys" now. Seriously, don't.

8. Bringing dogs to patio bars

Because dogs like patio bars, too. Dogs also like dog park/bar hybrids like Boneyard Drinkery, so that their owners can drink and hit on other dog owners. They told us so.

9. Dip

Clearly we didn't pay close attention in health class.

10. Social sports, and drinking on weeknights after said sports

You’ve been on at least one flag football/kickball/trampoline-dodgeball team. You've also tagged along for drinks with a team you weren't even playing on, just because you weren't really doing much else that night.


11. Boozy brunching 

Things Houston does not love: Monday mornings.

12. Crawfish

Especially having and/or attending crawfish boils during crawfish season. We kind of just love anything that has a season.

13. Pop-up anything

You bet your @$* we’re waking up for that coffee-and-kolache pop-up at 7am.

14. Loving on Texas

But hating on Dallas. It’s just sooooo easy.

15. Tailgating

Sure, others may love it, too. But nobody's better at it.

16. Bars with games

Cornhole. Check. Giant Jenga. Check. Flip cup and sports betting on tiny turtle races. Check. Check.

17. Gulf Coast seafood

We're even jealous of our own oysters.

18. Not admitting when something is too spicy

Because nothing is too spicy, even if your neck is getting aggressively splotchy.

19. Tex-Mex

Queso, chili con carne, fajitas. We act like we invented it, but if we didn’t, we've at least perfected it.

20. Sun bathing at 6pm

Mostly because it’s too hot to do it at noon, but also because WE CAN.

21. Driving

Full disclosure, we don't really have much of a choice in this matter.

22. College football

Important corollary: fighting about college football.

23. Whataburger

Ain’t no ketchup like a Whataburger ketchup because a Whataburger ketchup don’t stop. Okay so maybe that doesn’t exactly translate here, but you get the point.

24. Going out for dinner. And lunch. And breakfast.

We don’t constantly contend for the "Fattest City in America" title just by accident.

25. Alllll the meats

Again, the fattest city thing. But what would you do if you had access to all of this?

26. Our breweries

... and trying all the local beers at said breweries.

27. Not wearing suits

Even our bosses understand that it’s hot as balls. 

28. Defending their neighborhood

Montrose. Midtown. The Heights. The city’s "best" neighborhood is a highly debated topic, in which your argument is based solely on wherever you presently reside.

29. The Texans

And their cheerleaders.

30. Trucks

Everyone has them. No one knows why.

31. Golfing all day err day

It still counts as "work" if you take an intern, right?

32. Being the underdog

Because we're always coming out on top.

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