Houston’s End-of-Summer Bucket List

We came here to chew bubblegum and list the 20 best things you need to do in Houston before summer ends. And we're all out of bubblegum...

1. Get shipwrecked on Tiki Island

Hit the tastefully cheesy Lei Low Bar to have one too many fancified Tiki drinks complete with flames and dancing hula girl adornments.

2. Conquer the Cliffhanger

Reach a speed of 40mph as you free-fall from Schlitterbahn’s 81ft body slide. And double-check that tie on your board shorts before you do.

3. Get a brain freeze at Nu Cafe

Ain’t no brain freeze like a Taiwanese Nu Snow brain freeze. Don’t worry about what exactly Nu Snow is; just know it’s worth it.

4. Declare it the “Summer of Shandy

It’s not summer until you’ve gotten seriously day-buzzed off of D&T Drive Inn’s most excellent frozen shandies.

5. Take yourself to Margaritaville at El Big Bad

El Big Bad’s downtown rooftop patio may not be the only place to booze up on frozen margs this summer, but with a killer selection of house-infused tequilas, it is the best place the booze up on frozen margs this summer.

6. House a stadium dog at Minute Maid Park

And a BBQ brisket-stuffed baked potato. And a fried chicken and waffle cone. And at least three Saint Arnold drafts.

7. Get Chocolate Wasted

Forget the ice cream man you thought you knew. This urban ice cream truck smashes the Choco Taco with creations like vanilla, Mexican caramel, and chocolate fudge cookie ice cream sandwiches and homemade rice pudding pops.

8. Boozy brunch on a summer Friday

Because is there really any other way to start your long weekend than with a bottle of Champagne and fried chicken & donuts at Max’s Wine Dive?

9. Bulk up for winter with Houston Restaurant Weeks

Top picks include B&B Butchers (because steak), Vic & Anthony’s (because steak), and Brenner’s Steakhouse (because we’re pretty sure you can guess why).

10. Make the ground your couch and the big screen your Netflix

Ready that picnic basket (i.e. a bucket of Frenchy’s fried chicken and some fancy boxed wine) and see which movies are screening in which parks.

11. Dream up an iced coffee smackdown

Then turn it into a reality with a DIY caffeine crawl. Does Boomtown have the best iced coffee in town? Could it be Blacksmith?? Dunkin' D’s??? Find out your favorite. Once and for all.

12. Spend an entire afternoon on a porch doing porch things

Doesn’t matter if it’s your porch, a friend’s porch, or Front Porch. Sit there -- spiked Arnold Palmer in hand -- whittlin’, whistlin’, and banjo pickin’ for several hours or until your neighbors get suspicious and call the cops.

13. Drink on a boat on Lake Travis

If you don’t have a friend with a boat, work on that immediately. Until then, renting a pontoon boat for the day works too.

14. Lounge at a hotel pool

If there was ever a time to staycation so you can lounge by a baller pool in a Speedo while sippin’ on gin & juice, that time is this summer while it's 100+ degrees outside. May we suggest Hotel ZaZa?

Liberty Kitchen & Oysterette

15. Slurp happy hour oysters

The River Oaks location of Liberty Kitchen -- known as LKRO to the cool kids -- has this really cool happy hour deal where it offers $.50 off Gulf oysters and a bunch of other tasty and boozy stuff every day from 3-6pm all summer long. It had us at happy hour.

16. Sip a championship margarita

Hit exotic tequila emporium Tsunami to try the winner of this year’s Yaga's Chili Quest Jackpot Margarita Contest. The RumRunner's pineapple margarita packs Patron Silver tequila AND Pinnacle cake vodka. Soooo maybe stop at two or three tops.

17. Take down a Point Break… -themed cocktail

Moving Sidewalk’s Point Break-themed summer menu includes expertly crafted drinks like the Utah Gimme Two -- made with pink peppercorn-infused apple brandy -- and the Hundred Year Storm -- a boozy concoction stacked with papaya, coconut, bitters, and TWO types of Jamaican rum.

18. Have a sundae all to yourself

Forget what your mom, camp counselor, and girlfriend have been trying to teach you since age 5. Sharing is way overrated. Especially when it comes to one of Fat Cat Creamery’s fully loaded brownie sundaes.

19. Power-lunch with $.25 martinis

Brennan’s “Summer Break” lunch menu features a la carte options like BBQ shrimp-crowned cheeseburgers and crawfish grilled cheese. But more importantly, you can chase those things down with $.25 martinis (available Mon-Fri from 11am to 2pm) all summer long.

20. Refuse to let go of it

Whether it’s the Miami Vice you sip at your fantasy draft party, or your commitment to keeping the floating beer-pong table inflated in your living room -- in Houston, SUMMER LIVES ON!

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