20 Reasons Why America Should Be Jealous of Houston

Houston’s an underdog city. And while we’re completely okay with that (more Cajun-spiced boudin and brisket pho for us), we're getting tired of answering our non-Houstonian friends’ questions about how we’re so great. America, here are 20 reasons why you should be incredibly jealous of Clutch City -- none of which have to do with the Rockets (sad face).


1. We hit that sweet spot between the coast AND the country

With both a quick shot to the beach and the option to get lost underneath the Texas stars, our location ticks all the boxes.

2. We have an entire “season” devoted to the Rodeo

During this near month-long event, we leave work early, get drunk, and watch bull-riding/cheap concerts. Not gonna lie -- it’s pretty awesome.

Flickr/Micaela Go

3. Bloody Marys are good, but Bloody Marias are better

Try adding tequila and jalapeño to your next hangover cure. You’re welcome.

4. We have like, a ton of jobs

Even with dips in the market, we continue to be job creators. The best in the country, in fact. We can thank the energy industry and our world-class medical center for that.

Buffalo Bayou Partnership<br /> &nbsp;

5. What winter?

It’s not uncommon to find us wearing flip-flops in February. And pool season? That can start as early as March.

6. We take Sunday Funday seriously

We honestly can’t think of a place where it’s more acceptable to boozy brunch, then go swimming and boozy BBQ.

Buffalo Bayou Partnership

7. Our dogs come party with us

No need to leave Brutus McGrufferstein at home. There’s about a bajillion dog-friendly patio bars complete with ice-cold beer and fresh water for your buddy.

8. Any day can feel like a vacation

Why, you ask? Because it’s often 90+ degrees and we all have pools.


9. Football season

Everyone that lives here either went to a school that worships football, has played football, or just really, really loves eating wings and watching football. It makes every weekend fun.

10. Speaking of which, we got 99 problems but JJ Watt ain’t one

The guy is pretty much the definition of a beast.

Nobi Public House

11. We’re crushing on our own craft brew game

To say our city’s beer game is underrated is an understatement. From Buffalo Bayou’s wild-child suds to Karbach’s seriously hoppy standouts, Houston breweries go hard. And so do the beer bars that carry them.

Flickr/David Hale Smith

12. Dude, our food though

Travel + Leisure recently ranked us “America’s Best City for Foodies” due to our "irresistible combination of refined tastes and downhome comfort." We agree.

13. No, but seriously. Have you tried our Tex-Mex?

We’ve pretty much found a way to put queso on EVERYTHING.

BB's Cafe

14. We don’t have to go to New Orleans to get killer Cajun

It’s all right here. Even on our fries (remember that thing we said about queso on everything?).

15. We’re a major city WITH affordable living

No need to drive two hours outside the city to find awesome housing options. From charming bungalows to cheap apartment complexes, there’s plenty of affordable living right inside the loop.

Flickr/aJ Gazmen

16. Because you’ve probably never had a good tortilla in your life

Ours are made fat, fluffy, and fresh by the hands of an angel at any local taqueria.

Flickr/Jason Bache

17. We’re young

And we’re smart. We recently topped the list of cities most appealing to fresh college grads.

18. We’re also kinda rich

Hate to say it, but it’s true. We also topped the list for multimillionaire growth in the US.

19. But we’re not jerks

We can’t account for everyone (especially on the road), but for the most part, everyone rocks that laid-back Houston vibe.

20. Most importantly, we have each other’s backs

Even through crisis. Just look at the stories of neighbors coming together to help each other after Memorial Day’s historic flooding. The H-town bond runs deep.

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