11 reasons you need to care about Thrillist Houston

Welcome to Thrillist Houston! But wait, what IS this "Thrillist", you ask? And why should I care? And will the Astros EVER be good again? Fear not, two of those three questions will be thoroughly answered below.

1. We’re going to deliver a delicious weekly helping of the best stuff that Houston has to offer for you to eat, drink, and do.

2. It’s coming to you free of charge. But, if you sign up and tell two friends, the cost is… well, still free. But those friends will undoubtedly like you more. If you're already signed up for a Thrillist edition but love Houston so much more, go right here to change your home city.

3. The dining scene here is legitimately underrated on a national scale -- with some of the most innovative new restaurants in the country, its many virtues need to be shouted from the hilltops. Well, fine, Houston doesn't HAVE that many hilltops. Top of the Chase Tower, maybe?

Donuts 11 Reasons You Should Care About Thrillist Houston
Donut licious

4. It will deliver in-depth coverage of some of the finest donuts in America.

5. On a related note, Thrillist is a safe space to feel good about Houston’s occasional placement among America’s fattest cities. Because at Thrillist, every Friday is Fat Kid Friday.

6. Texas now joins California as the only other state with three different Thrillist cities. Who’s gonna make it four? San Antonio? Fresno? Lubbock? THE RACE IS ON.

Bloody Marys 11 Reasons You Should Care About Thrillist Houston

7. Do you like brunch? Drinking? Drinking at brunch? Good. We will be discussing all of those things.

8. No two cities with a Thrillist edition have ever gone to war with each other, so no need to worry about any rising tensions with DFW (even though Houston would definitely prevail in that conflict).

9. It’ll give you more stuff to read while waiting in line for ribs at Gatlin’s.

10. We aren’t afraid to answer the tough questions about the beer you’ve been drinking.

11. Seriously, it’s ridiculous that Dallas and Austin have been getting the Thrillist love for years now and Houston hasn’t. It wasn’t you. It was us. But that’s in the past. Now we start making up for lost time.