Jim Arnold Custom Chess Boards

There's a certain respect everybody has for a guy who excels at chess, until you actually locate Bobby Fischer and he calls you an evil Jew. Become a chess legend yourself by copping an awesome handmade chessboard from North Cacky's Jim Arnold

Based in Winston-Salem, Arnold's a wood carver who specializes in bench/small-detail chisels and crafts uniquely detailed, awesomely themed "chess art" outta maple & walnut, and will create fully personalized models for you, insisting that "custom made means more than having your name laser-engraved on the border", although it's probably not gonna stop Gov. Jan Brewer from trying in Arizona. Toss Jim just about any kind of theme and ideas for the pieces you can cook up, and he'll send you a rough sketch to get things rolling; once the look's finalized he'll give you the price and a delivery date on the board "your loved ones will have for generations to come", which'll help ease the pain of only having One Life To Live. Among his many already made for-sale sets, check out the castle-shaped "Scottish Wars For Independence", the oh-so-awesome "DJ" set with speakers as rooks and graphic equalizer knobs carved into the board, and the "Pirate" model, which gets a queen that's a "saber-wielding wench" and corked rum bottles for bishops, even though generally, the booze is reserved for monks

You can also have Jim put the same creativity into making you a custom walking stick, which are cut to fit your size and "based on YOUR ideas for theme", which're so cool, they'd even have Bobby Fischer Russian home.