Leering at women in various stages of undress can usually get you written up, fired, or otherwise disciplined at work...apparently, there're just some things you can't do in a morgue. For a site full of SFW hot chicks with a built-in reason to be there -- V-Day shopping! -- drool all over KuhMillion.KM's its owners answer to "so many cheap stores online selling low quality garments", using a bombshell lineup of eye candy to display its high quality, hand stitched, burlesque-inspired undergarments and hosiery, while also dropping knowledge on each piece's historical origin, proving that even your ancestors thought life wasn't nothing but britches and hose. For your lady's top half, there's a deep v-necked black and red satin corset showcasing the chesty blonde model's two best assets other than her brain and Miata, an opaque mini-dress with diamond-net panels modeled by a leggy, ottoman-straddling brunette, and (bringing back the blonde, now with pasties) a corset sans the chest support with a bow on the hip, so you know where to put your hand up on, before everyone starts festively doing Skoal. Working the bottom, they're showing off a slew of fishnet and stripe-patterned thigh-highs plus a purple boyshort with fuchsia ruffles and matching ruffled garters, all displayed on models' also-really-nice lower halves, plus a Victorian boudoir-residing blonde wrapped in a red & pink "sweetheart" panty with heart-shaped buttons up front, presumably concealing whatever it was Nirvana was talking about.Once you've finished up, and're also done shopping (heyoo!), hit up KM's Study to learn about lingerie history. can't do that at work either!? Man, this place is full of stiffs!