Check out 2011's Biggest Winners

Butterfly: A Midsummer Night's nightmare erected under Paris' Eiffel Tower that was inspired by the gardens of Versailles, which explains the tree-like lampposts, thousands of strung lights, and...70 VIP tables!...more

Air Combat Ace: A limo'll drive you to the facility, where a 50min "fighter pilot" brief on basic maneuvering & equipment fitting's all you'll need before hopping in a carbon-fiber Extra 330LC capable of traveling over 200mph...more

Blue Ribbon: Transplanting their highly touted raw fish concept to the heart of Sin City, the Bromberg Bros' first non-NY effort eschews over-the-top Vegas opulence in favor of more traditional digs...more

Insert Coin(s): Leveling up Vegas' nightlife options, Insert's a half old-school arcade, half DJ-fueled club from a dude who spent seven years running radiopharmaceuticals...more

Bad Ass Hard Rock Suites: Because our economy's currently in a place where everyone can safely blow every penny they have, the Hard Rock's unleashed 10 awesomely themed super-suites, all featuring near-70" flat screens, hot tubs, seven-spout uber-showers...more