The 15 Best Make-Out Spots in Las Vegas

Hyde Bellagio
Hyde Bellagio

Whether you’re looking to win big at the tables or have some fun at the club, there're lots of places in Las Vegas where you can kiss your money goodbye. But what if you're just looking to kiss your honey? Don't worry, that's where our list of Sin City's 15 most friendly places for getting friendly (aka, Vegas' best make-out bars) comes in...

Hyde Bellagio

The Bellagio
You really can’t go wrong stealing kisses anywhere near the famous Bellagio fountains, but the best spot is inside this cozy nightclub and lounge where you can have a few drinks to get over the nerves before making the big move in front of the perfect view.


The Mirage
The US may be opening up the door to diplomatic relations with Cub,a but the next best thing to touring Havana is a trip to Rhumbar. Cozy up on the heated patio, light a cigar from one of the best selections in Vegas, and enjoy a Caribbean-inspired cocktail.

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McCarran International Airport
The locals know the spot. On Sunset Rd there’s a small parking lot right next to the runway to pull over and watch the planes as they land and take off just meters away from your car. Or, you know, yards away from your car, since this is America.

Brian Brown

MGM Grand
If you’re in the mood for a little naughty behavior… and a little privacy… grab your date and sneak into the bathroom. It’s dimly light and has a mirrored ceiling for... um, actually we don't know what it's for, but we're sure you'll think of something.

Caesars Entertainment

Paris Las Vegas
A great view, a great restaurant, and plenty of romance. Just learn a few words of French and you may be charming enough to close the deal and seal that kiss.

Tiffany & Co.

On the Strip
Pop the question in style at the top of a winding staircase with a perfect view of the Strip at Tiffany & Co.’s proposal balcony. Enjoy the post-proposal make-out session… and then spend the rest of your life making monthly payments on that ring.

Joel Robuchon

MGM Grand
It’s not just dinner... it's a multi-course dining experience. But before enjoying some of the best French cuisine from the culinary master, enjoy a drink in the Cognac Room. It’s your chance to score a little privacy and perhaps a smooch or two before a long night of food, wine, and romance.

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Lee Canyon
Las Vegas may be in the middle of the desert, but a short drive up Mt. Charleston offers the perfect snuggle weather for any happy couple. Enjoy some hot chocolate indoors before heading outside to share a ride on the ski lift above the snow.

Rock of Ages

The Venetian
At one point during the show, a character tells the audience to turn to the person next to them and go for a kiss… as long as it’s not the person they came with. The mega-make-out session could make you a brand-new friend in record time.


The Hard Rock
The summer-long pool party at the Hard Rock is known for skimpy clothes, lots of booze, and nonstop debauchery. The naughty atmosphere could lead to good things. Very good things. It’s just one of the reasons Rehab is among the best day clubs in Vegas.

Caesars Entertainment

Time your ride just right and score a kiss at the very moment the world’s largest observation wheel reaches the highest point. Just make sure you booked a cabin that comes with a bartender included.  

Bound by Salvatore

The Cromwell
The creative drink menu and cozy atmosphere is sure to encourage some snuggling and hopefully a little smooching in one of the comfy loveseats scattered throughout this charming hangout spot.

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Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area
Go for hike and enjoy a little physical activity. Now… and later.

MGM Resorts International

New York-New York Hotel & Casino
When walking on the Strip in front of the New York-New York resort, the sidewalk suddenly opens wide, spreading out underneath a replica of the Brooklyn Bridge. It won’t take you to Manhattan, but it could offer some romantic inspiration.  

Maverick Helicopters

High above Las Vegas
Maverick Helicopters specializes in rides that will take you high above the Strip… or across the Arizona border to the Grand Canyon. Either way, make sure to steal an in-flight kiss during your journey.

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