Scarier than a Palace Station cocktail waitress at 4a

From the dude who created both Hostel and Cabin Fever, Goretorium's a multi-level, crap-your-pants terror maze (with a bar!) set inside the fictional, Strip-side Delmont Hotel, which coincidentally bears the same tagline as Facebook's IPO: "You're F#@ked".Everything you need to know about how "F#@ked" you are's pretty much covered in this seriously terrifying trailer, but be prepared for a bunch of meticulously created, next-level-gory sets with live actors, animatronics, and special effects that took years, and like, three Law & Order SVU marathons to plan.Oh, and about that bar: it's called the "Bloody Mary" and's housed in a '60s-themed lounge along with a usable, horror-filled wedding chapel and a bunch of sexy, caged zombie dancers who'll do "live feedings" and, like that terror maze, leave you with something else noticeable in your pants.