The 18 Best Tours in Las Vegas

Vegas Off Road Tours
Vegas Off Road Tours

When you come to Vegas to eat at one of the the city's sweetest steakhouses, or to visit one of its strip clubs, or to maybe risk a few dollars at the tables, do you know what that makes you? A tourist. That's right, a TOUR-ist, so you really should make some time for one of the 18 best tours in Sin City...

Big Bus

Drive around Vegas… without a roof. One of the best ways to see the Strip and Downtown is from the top of a open-air, double-decker bus while hopping on and off at different stops along the way. The only downside? You can’t bring booze on board.

TAO Las Vegas/Brenton Ho

The name says it all. Get your rowdiest friends together, grab a ride on a limo bus and enjoy a night of Vegas nightclubs, one after another. The ride comes with a stripper pole and free shots… which sounds like a perfect combination for complete chaos.

Scoot City

Drive around Las Vegas or Red Rock Canyon while in a convoy of two-seat scooter cars. Things look a whole lot different when you’re low to the ground.

Maverick Helicopters

Take a short ride above the Strip for the perfect date night… or head to the Grand Canyon for a full day of fun. The Dream Catcher Sunset package includes a journey above the Valley of Fire, the Hidden Valley, and then a dip 3,500ft below the West rim of the Grand Canyon before you head back to Vegas while catching a sunset view of the Hoover Dam. A bonus Champagne toast is included somewhere in the middle of all this.

World Class Driving

Hop behind the wheel of a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Corvette, or a number of other muscle cars and exotic automobiles. Vegas is a whole lot of fun with extra horsepower.

Mob Museum

Relive classic Las Vegas in all its gangster glory while you check out all the spots where crooked deals, robberies, and mysterious deaths took place. It could be an offer you can’t refuse… and you can add on a visit to the Mob Museum as a bonus. It’s the old courthouse where thugs were once prosecuted and remains a classic part of Las Vegas history.

Brian Jones/Las Vegas News Bureau

Why settle for the traditional buffet when you can go on a crawl of all the best places to grab a bite Downtown? You’ll enjoy food samples along the way and learn a few things about the cuisine and culture of Las Vegas.

Xtreme Couture MMA

In addition to gambling, sin, and other fun stuff, Las Vegas is also the home of the UFC and the biggest boxing showdowns in history. That means there are a ton of places where pro fighters live, train, and throwdown. Stops on the tour include the training gyms for former UFC champ Randy Couture and boxing kingpin Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

Pink Jeep Tours

Can’t decide on what to do? Pink Jeep has a number of options that will take you around the city, Death Valley, the Grand Canyon, and a bunch of other areas. All the tours have one things in common: yes, you ride around in a pink jeep.

Jubilee/Jerry Metellus

Seeing showgirls topless is one of the best things that makes old-school Las Vegas so cool. Jubilee is the longest running adults-only show in Sin City and you can take an all-access backstage walking tour to find out how the production is put together at its Bally’s theater. Just check with the box office. And no, you’re not allowed to try on any headdress you want.

Pahrump Valley Winery

It may seem weird, but you can actually have a winery in the middle of the desert. There are just four in the entire state of Nevada, and two of them are in Pahrump, which is about an hour outside Las Vegas. Make the most of your time and tour both of them while enjoying samples of 8-10 wines at each location. You’ll even get to stomp on a few grapes.

Las Vegas News Bureau

In Las Vegas, the ghosts of dead mobsters (and celebrities!) are lurking around somewhere. You’ll be armed with EMF meters and other ghost hunting equipment on this spooky tour that includes the haunted hangouts of Elvis Presley, Redd Foxx, Liberace and Bugsy Siegel.

Vegas Off Road Tours

This ATV tour gets rolling out in the desert at the 102-year-old Pioneer Saloon, which was built after it was ordered from the Sears & Roebuck catalog. It is now the oldest continuously running bar in Southern Nevada. Your dune buggy ride includes sharp twists, turns, and drops over sand and rocks… so don’t forget your helmet and goggles.    

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This isn’t your ordinary corporate headquarters. The online retail giant moved to Las Vegas a few years ago and transformed the old post office into its new digs while helping lead the Downtown rejuvenation. Employees are given a party atmosphere, a nap room, and a car servicing during business hours. But that’s just a few reasons why Zappos is considered one of the best companies to work for in America.

Oscar's Steakhouse

The movie Casino turns 20 years old this year and it’s hard to believe it’s been that long since we first watched Joe Pesci stab some guy in the neck with a pen. Former mobster Frank Cullotta was a consultant for the movie (and the book it was based on) and leads a tour of filming locations once a month.  

Forever Resorts

The three-hour leisure trip by motorized raft trip begins at the base of the Hoover Dam and covers a 12mi stretch of the Colorado River while getting an up-close look at bighorn sheep and other wildlife.  

SLS Las Vegas/Las Vegas News Bureau

Nosh is good at finding places like Caesars Palace and the SLS and taking you on a tour of the cool restaurants inside… one bite at a time. A Downtown version is also in the works.


Las Vegas was built on the mining industry and the Techatticup Gold Mine was once the largest producing one in Southern Nevada. A journey by one of Papillon’s helicopters will take you about 45 miles outside Las Vegas, where you can explore the underground caverns and the ghost town that remains outside… while also squeezing in some time for kayaking or horseback riding.

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