Give yourself a reason to join the gym in January

The Deal: In the absence of the soft, gray leather seats of a DeLorean, nothing smooths your passage into the future like nostalgia. That's why the folks at Disco Bistro EC4 are teaming up with a former Pitt Cue head chef and a Cornish Grill-er to throw an NYE party "with a '90s twist". The Meal: Suckle tequila cocktails and feast on Southern Indian fried quail, smoked brisket tips, and crackled shrimp in lobster 1000 Island dressing -- for starters. Then fork down whole crab cooked in coals w/ devilled butter, and wood-scorched Devon Ruby steaks w/ bone marrow bombs. Finally, engage in a little less conversation as you devour The Fat Elvis: peanut butter ice cream, bacon butterscotch sauce, candied lardons, bacon fat croutons, and frozen grapes. The Seal: Seal may or may not feature in the all-'90s, post-midnight lineup of "electro disco" beats put together by DJ Dan Kahuna of Big Kahuna Burger, who "helped launch the Chemical Brothers & gave Fatboy Slim his first DJ gig" -- sometimes when you go back to the past, you end up right here, right now.