8 Facts About London That Are Actually Lies

As the old saying goes, there are lies, damn lies, and these lies about London that everyone tells all the time totally aren't true. Which, by the way, is a lie! That's not the saying at all. See how easy it is?! Well, now it's time to see how easy it is to dispel some of these flagrant untruths...

1. The Thames is dirty

Sorry, naysayers. The Thames isn't just not dirty, it's the cleanest urban river on the entire planet.

3. The Tube is unreliable

Nope! It's set reliability records year, after year, after year.

4. It's crime-ridden

Uh-uh. Crime keeps on a-falling, and both the burglary rate and the murder rate are currently enjoying 40-year lows.

5. The Great Fire of London is what stopped the Black Death

As it turns out, the Black Death was already on its was out before the Great Fire happened.

6. London will fall if the ravens ever leave the tower

Unfortunately, this little porky only dates back to 1885, a full 800 years after the tower was built (and also ravens have no known significant effect on geo-politics).

7. Cockney rhyming slang is still a thing

It's not a thing. At least, not last time we had a butchers.

8. It's expensive

Okay, so it totally is. BUT, if you plan ahead, you can get a lot of stuff for virtually no money. Museums and art galleries are free, Boris Bikes are extremely cheap, most of the city is blanketed in no-charge Wi-Fi, and that's not to mention these amazing things.

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