One night in Argentina... in Dalston

Suspiciously coinciding with recent events, the Argentinians are now poised to invade… our hearts! Cambalache aims to provide a night of Argie-exploring awesomeness (courtesy of the country's wine industry) who've put together a lineup of decadently indulgent cultural treats in Dalston's MC Motors next week.What can you expect? Well, the glue holding the event together will be an open tasting selection of 150+ of the country's finest wines (all right up there with "Messi never plays that well for us"). They'll also be laying on a selection of Buenos Aires street food from the folks at Borough Market's Porteña, which will definitely portend a slightly fatter you.You can also "sample the spirit of the '40s" w/ some slightly more modern spirits mixed by the barkeeps at Galante. They'll also have a trio of famed graffiti artists (named by extremely liberal parents: "RunDon'tWalk", "Jaz", and "Pum Pum") vandalizing a canvas, live. And to top it all? There'll be tango dancing, dulce de leche ice cream, "wine with music" matching lessons, and "hobnobbing with true Gauchos" -- though if they're eating Hobnobs, it can only suggest the invasion is imminent.

Wine at Cambalache
Grilled meat from Portena
Cocktails from Galante
Graffitti at Cambalache
Food at Cambalache